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Dentist Help please XD


I would like to get my teeth fixed, in every way. Growing up in a lower class family does not do wonders for the health. I want to get them all fixed, and then whitened and whatever else they can do to make them look nicer.

Basically I want to make my teeth healthier and prettier.

Any suggestions for places to go? I'm not exactly sure whether one dentist would do all of that or if I would have to go to a couple of places.
I'm expecting to pay a few thousand if I want to get everything all healthy and nice.

Thanks so much for any help and suggestions. I can't wait to get this started!
Also, I really like a nice, funny dentist who will fill me with whatever it takes to make me not feel a thing.

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Hey there mate...

I really hate dentists and would always avoid going. Then I found this dentist that is really reasonably priced, the dentists are really relaxed/cool (especially the female one) and I would definetely recommend them. I have also taken friends of mine there who feel the same way I do and they also highly recommend them now...

They are located across the road from the train tracks on a service road and their surgery is in a house which has been converted into a dental surgery. They are of Asian descent so there is some Asian writing outside as well.

As I'm currently in the UK - I looked up their details online and I'm pretty sure that they are:

Kong Roger & Chu Sonia Dental Surgery
963 Beenleigh Rd
Runcorn QLD 4113
07) 3345 8318S

Good luck!!!
I've found Medibank basic extras to be very helpful in cutting down the cost. The extras cost around $240 per year and includes two free check ups/cleans per year. I think I had to pay $28 extra for xrays once, but keep in mind this included a full exam of my teeth, cleaning and fluoride treatment. When I didn't have insurance, the same check up was over $200, so I have found this very handy - I essentially save over $150 per year.

I curently go to Coopers Plains dental clinic and while my dentist is a bit of a prat, the hygienists/assistants are lovely. I asked them about whitening recently and the take home trays were $550. Laser whitening was more expensive. I have't had a cavity that needed filling in a few years, but I had $2k worth while uninsured in my early twenties and my (complete arsehole) of a dentist let me get a few done each month). The cost per filling was $130 to $220, depending on how bad it was. This was for the white fillings.
I went to Sure Dental the other day and I am not the biggest fan of denist's and I had the most pleasureable experience there. For once they took time out to listen whats wrong instead of getting me in and out. Price wise is very good too.