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I am on a mission...

And I need your help Friends' List!!

As some may or may not know, I am a part-time Tupperware Demonstrator and I'm always looking for the next opportunity to get together and meet new people whilst imparting some helpful hints and tips and wonderful ways to use this fabulous product.

Have you ever wanted an excuse to catch up with old school friends, neighbours, colleagues or just 'the girls' (or 'boys') but never seem to find the right time or place to get together? Why not hold a Tupperware Demonstration instead? There are fabulous products, simple and effective recipes to try, loads of free Tupperware to qualify for and best of all, you have plenty of fun with your friends.

It is coming up to the biggest time of the year and my manager has issued me a special challenge to have 5 parties in my diary over the next 3 weeks including our all important Record Breaker Week. RBW is where each Demonstrator is challenged to sell the most Tupperware they have ever sold during a week and 'break' their record.

I would love each and every one of you if you have EVER considered holding a Tupperware party, even if you would just like to see the new specials and make an order, to please look at your busy schedules and see when we could fit in a gathering of you and some friends.

"Oh no, not a party - I have to cook and clean and it's a lot of hassle and work" - Not At All!

A demonstration can be as little as an hour and at any time of day or night. The venue can also be anywhere: be the local park, your workplace (Office Product Preview), your kindy/plygroup/school (Fundraiser/Lunchbox Drive) your place, or if your place isn't suitable for guests you are more than welcome to host it at mine! I'll put on the refreshments or we'll make them as we go using some of the fabulous quick and easy Tupperware recipes wherever we are.

As always as a Tupperware Demonstrator I am your key to getting any broken, split or peeling Tupperware replaced under the Lifetime Guarantee - are you like me and have almost every piece of Tupperware under the sun? Your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents Tupperware passed down to you but you have a broken seal or cracked base? Don't really want to have a 'party' as such but would like to get all your replacements serviced? Guess what - we can do that too by holding your very own replacement party. I will still come and show you a small sample of the latest and greatest products but we get all those broken items seen to and replaced.

I am also looking to hold a Mystery Host Party at my place on Saturday 14th November - basically you come along (and bring a guest or two) and everyone who places an order will receive a raffle ticket for attending (and an extra one for each guest they bring). I do the demonstration as per normal and at the end once qualifications have been reached for the Thank You Gift and Host Gift, I will draw the raffle tickets for the winner of those free products.

As you can see there are many different options to hosting your very own Tupperware Demonstration and they really don't take all that long or much hassle to organise as I do all the work for you - all you have to do is invite the guests!

So please, contact me should you be at all interested in helping me meet my challenge over the next 3 weeks by either holding a demonstration or placing an order.

Thank you.

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