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All Ages music events being cancelled

Heya Brizzy kids.

I am a journo student, and I'm doing a story on All Ages venues and events in the Brisbane and Bayside areas being cancelled, often due to underage drinking. For example, the Cleveland CHARGED events being cancelled due to security reasons, Bayside Intense almost suffering the same fate after complaints about underage drinking, the Arena ceasing to put on all ages gigs quite suddenly (after kids had bought tickets to a certain show, they were then not let in...) and since being closed altogether... We have lost a lot of AA venues and events recently.

My question to you fine people, if I may ask for your opinions, is how do you think it's affecting the local music scenes and the youth in local communities? Do you think the cancellation of these events will really help prevent underage drinking? Is there anyone underage who misses these AA events and gigs?

Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated guys, it would be good to hear what you thought about it. :):)

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